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Tulipwood Display Cases

Our Tulipwood Display Cases
Whilst we have over many years made quality bespoke display cases of self-assembly construction in wood and glass, with the increased cost of both these materials we are offering a more affordable but still handmade quality display case to your dimensions, glazed in acrylic with a finely sanded framework in Tulipwood for you to polish, stain, paint or finish as you require.

Internal base finish.

The choice of colours for the base suede are, Light Blue - Royal Blue - Bottle Green - Scarlet - Black or Light grey, or left plain should you wish to finish the base yourself for a diorama or rail track, etc. The model display cases are flat packed which reduces the likelihood of damage in transit and helps to keep down the cost of p&p).


What is Tulipwood?

In the United States, it is commonly known as tulip poplar or yellow poplar. The wood is very light but very strong and is used in many applications, including furniture, joinery and mouldings. It can also be easily stained & polished and is often used in furniture making as a low-cost alternative to oak, walnut, cherry ash and mahogany.


Tulipwood Model Display Cases - Price Calculation.

To calculate the price for us to make you a case in tulipwood, add together your required internal length + width + height in inches and multiply the total by 3.6 - Example: - 12" length + 6" wide + 15" high x 3.6 = £118.80.

For Carriage & Packing Details.

Please contact us as prices will vary depending upon the size of the display case & destination.

However, if you prefer you can collect.

Please visit our contact page to ask any questions or request a quotation.

Contact Us

Telephone: 07942 504967


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