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Quality Bespoke Display Cases

Our Quality Bespoke Display Cases
These showcases are supplied flat packed, ready for easy self-assembly no tools are required (other than the cases which have detachable legs where a spanner is supplied) - you simply slot the perspex panels into the top and bottom frames to produce a rigid structure, the top panel being removable for access.

The framework is produced in solid oak, ash, mahogany, yew or pine and hand polished.


The interior of the base can be finished in quality jeweller's suede with a choice of colours, (Samples are available on request, see our Contact Us Page) or in veneer to match the timber framework or left plain should you wish to finish the base yourself for a diorama or rail track etc. There is also the option of having a mirrored back or base should you wish to view the reverse or underside of the contents.

The top grade clear acrylic used has a greater clarity than glass and will not craze or yellow in sunlight also being UV stabilized it will protect the display case contents from fading.

The thickness of the acrylic is determined by the size of the case.

If you use your display case for exhibitions or trade shows, transportation is no problem and an onsite assembly couldn't be simpler. On such occasions you may wish your case to take items of differing heights, we can therefore supply alternative size acrylic panels and corner pillars to accommodate this.

Please visit our contact page to ask any questions or request a quotation.

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